Advance Practical Taxation with GST

"e" Filing of INCOME TAX Course Module includes

  • Introduction to Income Tax.
  • Brief about Various Sources of Income (with illustrations).
  • Introduction of ‘e’ Filing of Income Tax Returns Generation of IT Form ITR 01(SAHAJ), ITR 02, ITR 03, ITR 04, ITR 4S (SUGAM), ITR 05 and ITR06.
  • How To Register PAN, TAN, TIN and DIN online or manual with Practical illustration in Class Room.
  • Practical exposure to portal. How to file Return Electronically on portal with or without Digital Signature Certificate.
  • How to Pay Tax online through Net Banking. How to Generate challans online or Manual
  • Preparation of schedule VI B/S & P&L A/C. with Import Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss A/c from TALLY.
  • How to view Tax Credit through 26AS
  • How to prepare Electronic Return through Web-e-TAX Software – A Practical demonstration. Practical workshop for Student for preparing income Tax Returns on their own.

Software installation and brief about technical issues.

"e" Filing of TDS Course Module includes

  • How to compute Tax computation of a salaried person with detailed theory of Salary head.
  • Preparation of TDS Return Quarterly
  • How to maintain Form 24Q,26Q,27Q,27EQ, &27A online or manual
  • Know about different section related to payment on Salary and Other Than salary.
  • How to deposit tax Online Challan 280 and 281 (income tax and TDS )
  • How to issue salary certificate form 16,12BA.In other form 16A &27D
  • How to generate FVU file to upload Returns in TDS Department
  • How to Register TAN Online for Revise Return and download form 16A from NSDL.
  • How to upload 15CA form in case of NON Resident Payment.
  • Form 24G for Govt. Deductors.
  • How to issue Form 15G/H for lower deduction cases.

Practical workshop for students for ‘e’ Filing of TDS Returns on their own. Steps after preparation of Return.

GST & ROC Assignment Module includes

  • Introduction of GST Impact of GST
  • Registration process of GST (Online, Offline)
  • Compute Return in GSTR Forms
  • Generation and Upload GSTR 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 & 9
  • How Download GSTR 1A from GSTN.
  • Process to matched Mismatch Invoice Report
  • Process of Reconciliation of Mismatched Invoice Data
  • How to Download Cash Ledger from GSTN
  • Calculation of Net Tax Liability
  • Online Payment of GST Challan
  • Ministry of Corporation Affairs (MCA) With ROC